We are data scientists and AI experts dedicated to building intelligent algorithms that learn from data.

What We Do

Business Anaytics

Data-driven Strategy

Ever wondered if you can do more with data, but never had the time or resources to find out the whats and hows? Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Let us help you to make sense of your data and show you what the numbers say about your business, deep under the surface of your bottom line profit and loss. We are experts in big data technologies, data processing, visualization and analytics. Most importantly, our insights are all actionable and tailored to the specific goals and needs of your business. Our objective is to find the 20% of your business resources that contribute to 80% of your profit, and set a data-driven strategy to take your business to the next level.

Machine Learning


Whether it is for marketing and advertising activities or the core of business USP, personalisation is the future of our digital world. Those who adopt it gain the competitive edge and increase their market share. This is why the big players are tailoring every feature of the customer's experience to their unique needs, to increase engagement and revenue. This is why you should do it too. With years of experience in designing large scale, low latency Machine Learning systems for personalised and contextualised advertising, content creation, search and recommendation, we can take your digital content to the next level and deliver elite performance auto-pilot machine learning systems to rival your big player competitors.

Natural Language Processing

Content Analysis

Language is intrinsic to delivering content to your client and within your company. It is on your website, in your product's descriptions, on your marketing activities and emails. Deep Learning techniques for Natural Language Processing now enable us to make sense of textual data; process language and sentiment and correlate it to business outcomes; segment documents and descriptions; and even create a new content - it is all possible now if you have sufficient relevant data. Working with top technology companies on large scale Information Retrieval projects such as search engines and email classification, we can bring the knowledge and expertise needed to solve your business's challenges.

Image Processing

Computer Vision

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but is it the relevant picture for you? And what about videos? It is now known that images and videos are some of the most engaging types of content, especially on small screen mobile phones. Images and videos can be part not only of your marketing content, but also of other sides of your business, such as security, control, or as part of your unique product. Yet despite their proved effectiveness, images and videos are very hard to analyse without high level deep learning expertise. As a leader in artificial intelligence and deep learning, we offer tailored solutions involving image and video processing, object recognition, segmentation and localization.


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